Inbound Call Center Services FAQ

1. Are your Call Center Executives competent enough to take my calls?
Our Call Center Executives are the best and most experienced in the industry. We have a stringent screening process before we hire, and regular trainings after recruitment on soft skills and other relevant subjects. Our Executives have a natural accent, and can speak and comprehend USA, UK and Australian accents as well.

We also conduct a targeted project specific training and develop a fool-proof instruction sheet for our Call Center Executives.

If the product or service complexity is higher, and if the Call Center Executives are required for a technical help desk, then we assign the job to the people with the right aptitude only.

2. I don't get lots of calls, but can I still get a Call Center?
We realize that not every enterprise gets about 100 calls per day to justify a dedicated agent, yet having a customer care call center adds brand value to your product/service. If your incoming calls are around 0-30, you may opt for a Shared agent, who will take all your calls and also of other similar enterprises so that the Call Center Executives attends about 100 calls in total. There is also an option for you to have blended agent, which means that during the specified peak hours, a dedicated agent will take all the calls, while in the specified lean hours, a shared agent will work for you.

3. If I find that calls are being disconnected or not handled properly by the Call Center Executive, then?
Firstly, we have implemented Border Gateway Protocol and we have an advanced Queue manager, so no call ever gets missed. We always receive all the calls. Secondly, our Supervisors and Quality analysts oversee each Call Center Executive's performance and nip in the bud any such issues of unprofessionalism. However if you have a complaint, we have proper escalation process for immediate resolution of the issue.

4. Can I have automated voice plus Call Center Executive answers my phone calls?
Yes. We are one of the Call Centers who have a full-fledged IT solution facility through which we can create an integrated dynamic IVR. We can provide a complete call solution to you under one roof.

5. Can your Call Center Executives work according to my time zone? Yes. We have developed a seamless work environment. Our employees work in easy shifts across the clock and deliver services to our clients worldwide.

6. Want more information?
contact us at +1.888.385.8953
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