Should Call Centers Use Scripts or Not?

Scripting has become a very normal thing for call centers and they have become too dependent on them. However, saying that scripts are evil or bad would be wrong. There were no scripts when the first dialers came and the agents had to respond to the callers as soon as they picked up the call and then move forward with the call. It didn’t mattered what type of caller was on the other end, the agents handled each caller without any scripts and they did pretty well then. However, today scripts have made it easier for call centers to deliver quicker and better customer services.Continue reading

The Key Constituents of An Intelligent Contact Center

The technology, and the world as a whole, is changing at a very rapid pace. The way people communicate with each other has changed a lot in past few decades. With the advent of telephones, mobile phones, computers etc, people started using these channels for communication purpose. Today, these channels are extensively used by customers for contacting businesses and service providers.

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Customer is The King

It has been rightly said that customer is the king as customers have the power to both make you and destroy you. In today’s tough competitive environment where the numbers of substitutes for a particular product or service are too many, organizations can not afford to lose their existing customers due to poor customer services.

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Survey on Agent Training in Call Centers

Delivering higher levels of customer satisfaction is a necessity for call center services providers and they try to implement every possible strategy to do so. However, agent training is one area where they are not able to maximize the results. The lack of co-ordination, time management and resource management etc are some of the factors which are usually responsible for poor training of agents. Call centers need to understand that the quality of their agents is actually the real quality of work that they would be able to deliver. Unless and until these agents are trained properly according to an effective strategy the performance of a call canter cannot improve.

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