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Reduce Business Workload With call center outsourcing services

Nowadays, analytics are everywhere. Big data, AI (Artificial Intelligence), BI (Business Intelligence) and what not, there are so many technologies out there that are promising to change the way businesses are carried out these days. The same is true for the call center industry with so many promising analytics solutions available in the market that can be used for improving day-to-day call center operations. However, most companies which carry out their call center operations in-house remain unaware of such tools. This is the main reason why they struggle to manage their workforce and (the biggest disadvantage) are unable to learn how to improve their business operations from customer contacts.

Inbound Call Center Outsourcing: A Sure Shot Way to Exploit Analytics

An entrepreneur, especially someone who is running a startup and is the sole owner of the business, has his hands filled and finds it hard to focus on anything else apart from his core product or service. Even if he has knowledge about analytics tools, it is unlikely that he will spend a large amount of sum on procuring them (quality analytics software are expensive). Hence, a lot of businesses are never able to exploit the true power of such tools.

On the other hand, people who employ inbound call center outsourcing solutions, more often than not, are able to find outsourcing vendors with access to quality analytics software. This eliminates the requirement of splashing huge sums of money and they are able to use the best software solutions available in the market.

Leading Outsourcing Call center Services

In the contemporary corporate climate, call centers have emerged as crucial components. Organizations must hire call center outsourcing services with the necessary training and experience to do some of their non-core business duties. Both sides benefit from this arrangement since it allows businesses to save their overhead costs while still receiving high-quality services from the other, which is then compensated for its services.

Call center outsourcing services include a wide range of services.

The following are a few of the more significant ones:

Email support: In the current digital era, email has been a very useful instrument for communication. Customers often email businesses with their questions and requests. Email support services are designed to handle all of these queries and respond with the best answers possible. Considering how difficult it may be, handling inbound emails from consumers is typically delegated to people with the necessary experience.

Live Answering Service. Perhaps the most well-known service provided by an offshore inbound call center is this one. Customers like using their phones and mobile devices to contact businesses since they are the fastest form of communication. A company nowadays would not even consider existing without Inbound call center services. In order to supply this need, businesses typically outsource a contact center for customer support. As a result, they may concentrate on their main responsibilities while external parties handle the calls from their consumers.

Back office support: Every organization must deal with a variety of back office support duties that are not their main lines of business, but are crucial to the organization’s success as a whole. Order taking, record keeping, data input, surveys, market research, and many other comparable duties are examples of these. Their outsourcing is a wise business decision.

Technical assistance: With the proliferation of IT goods and services, it is now crucial for many businesses to offer their clients technical help. The questions that are submitted to these centers are frequently of a technical character. It’s not a simple task to provide clients with appropriate solutions for their technological issues; it calls for the right infrastructure, expertise, knowledge, and resources. It would be quite expensive to create a department within the company for it. Therefore, it makes sense to outsource call centers that can act on your behalf and provide your customers with appropriate technical support.

The aforementioned services are only a few of the many customer care call center services India offer, while there are many more. It is essential that businesses utilize these services fully and select the best provider for their needs. Make sure you are working with the correct service provider whether you want email support services or back office support services.

If you have no idea what call center analytics tools are or how they may benefit your company, have a look at the example below to get an idea of what they can do:


Suppose a manufacturer of mobile phones is using an analytics software solution that provides him timely insights about customers’ behavior. He notices (from the software) that after purchasing a particular phone, the same customers calls again for buying a specific headset. Seeing this trend, the manufacturer combines the two offerings and starts selling them as one product (with slightly increased price, off course). The sale of the newly-formed package improves immediately and the entrepreneur starts profiting from his ingenious move.

Just like this innovative move, similar analytics software can help you come up with out-of-the-box ideas to enhance your business prospects. Moreover, there are many tools available in the market that also help call center managers in rating call center agents based on their quality of work. Some of the popular software solutions available in the market are:

  1. RingCentral Contact Center
  2. Freshcaller
  3. Five9
  4. CrazyCall

Making use of these software solutions as part of your inbound call center outsourcing venture can be a great idea.

Make the Most of Analytics with Call Center Services India

There are many good providers of call center outsourcing; however, the ones who use quality analytics in their CRM and call center software are quite rare. If you are in search for such a company, then you should definitely give call center services India a try. There are many companies here located in the Delhi NCR region with experienced workforce and state-of-the-art analytics solutions.

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