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Why Supervisors Are Crucial for the Success of Customer Service Outsourcing Company?

Call center business is a very complex field that requires good management for its success. Understanding the strengths and weaknesses of agents, training them, monitoring their stats and providing useful feedback are some of the most important tasks, which are the responsibilities of a call center supervisor. Without a good manager or supervisor, a call center operation is bound to get diminishing returns in terms of FCR, CSAT and other call center parameters. So, when you are looking to outsource call center to a vendor, it is essential for you to analyze the managers first before entering into a contract.

What to Look for in a Supervisor/Manager for Your Business?

There are many job responsibilities of a supervisor that require certain characteristics. Have a look below:

  1. Ability to handle supervisory calls

    Most people who call customer care would know that it is not always possible to find the resolution from the first level agents. There are many issues that require supervisory inputs or a manager to take the call. Hence, a supervisor should have thorough understanding of the process and the confidence to handle complex and escalated issues.

  2. Expertise on products

    A customer service outsourcing company deals with many clients and has to handle different types of products. Therefore, a supervisor should have the ability to learn different products and train the agents on them.

  3. Staying calm under pressure

    While for a layman, a call center outsourcing operation may appear to be simple, it is anything but easy. The pressure cooker environment in which the agents work in, can take a toll on even the best of them. And, when it comes to the supervisor, the pressure is immense. A supervisor needs to lead by example, for which, he needs to have the ability to keep calm under pressure.

  4. Good with tracking stats

    There are many key parameters on which an agent is rated upon like FCR (first call resolution), CSAT (customer satisfaction), and AHT (average handling time). All these stats need to be tracked by the manager/supervisor to ascertain how good or bad an agent is. Depending on the ratings, a supervisor can provide training to the agents and help them improve their call-handling abilities.

Finding a Competent Supervisor for Your Customer Care

When you have a competent supervisor with the necessary skills, you are able to get the maximum output out of your call center agents. Hence, if you are partnering with a customer service outsourcing company, you need to first ensure that they have good enough supervisors for handling your business. The best way to begin your search is by using social media platforms.

If you have pinpointed a company that you will be outsourcing your work to, it is best to check out their managers’ profile on LinkedIn or other relevant social media platforms. Or, if it is possible for you, it won’t be a bad idea to visit the vendor’s premises and have a one-on-one interaction with the supervisors. And, if you want to save yourself of all the trouble of finding the right supervisors, you can hand over your work to accomplished companies like Bluechip Call Center, which has many competent managers/supervisors with several years of experience in the domain.


Overcome the Staffing Hurdle by Outsourcing Back Office Support Services

Staffing – the task of hiring a workforce for performing a particular set of activities – can be daunting for any entrepreneur. A hiring process involves inputs from various stakeholders, starting from HR department and ending on process manager. And, when you hire somebody on the payroll of your company, he becomes eligible for various benefits apart from earning his monthly salary. It is all well and good to hire someone on your payroll for performing critical tasks like management of the front-end team or coding of main company website, but when it comes to staffing for back office support services, the decision becomes quite tricky.

The Conundrum of Staffing for Back Office Support Services

Most companies deem back office support services “not very important” for their business prospects. Not only does this thinking prevent them from hiring the best employees for carrying out their back office processes, it also clouds their judgment about the back office project. Two of the biggest conundrums faced by business owners while staffing for back office support services are listed below:

  1. Scaling

    Back office tasks like order processing, catalog management and data entry can go through a lean patch or hit a purple pitch, depending on the progress of a company. For example, if a company is getting new clients for its business, it would have a lot of data at its disposal that needs to be entered in a database. The same way, a company venturing into new markets would need new catalogs for accessing new customers through new channels. Both these scenarios would require an increase in back office support staff. However, it is very much likely that the sharp growth is followed by a lean patch where a company would have to cut off ties with some of their employees. Just imagine the payouts and the hassle of firing all those employees that you have hired on your payroll.

  2. Software

    Nowadays, most back office operations have become automated. All you need is a cutting-edge software solution and you can finish your tedious tasks in a matter of minutes. However, procuring a software solution that is quite expensive and may not be used at all for your core process can be a befuddling task. At the time of writing this article, it is very much likely that a few entrepreneurs would be fighting through the confusion of whether to buy or not to buy a new software solution for their back office work.

Both the above mentioned challenges are very much real for businesses and a source of confusion for many businessmen. However, these challenges can be overcome by a smart decision to outsource back office support services to a reliable vendor.

Advantages of Outsourcing Back Office Support Services

A smart outsourcing decision, where you outsource your back office tasks to a reliable vendor like Bluechip Call Center can whisk away the clouds of confusion in a jiffy. By partnering with the right vendor who cares about your business, you ensure that you get the desired number of employees whenever you require. You can hire or fire as many employees as you want without affecting your payroll. Also, an adept back office support services provider like Bluechip has all the necessary software solutions that are required for completing your work accurately and on time, so you can focus more on your core processes and worry less about the back office tasks.

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