Outsourcing Customer Care Services

Achieve your business goals using outsourced customer care services

If your online business expands, you’ll want to guarantee the best customer support experience while maintaining the highest standards. Customer service representatives are crucial in developing the brand and solidifying relationships. Building a solid reputation is impossible without a satisfying experience. You can achieve that aim without investing valuable time or money by choosing outsourced customer care services.

Companies realize that a significant differentiation in today’s market is the excellent customer experience, which is why outsourced customer care services are becoming increasingly popular. Businesses must adapt to the needs of their global industry as consumer technology and behavior advancements are changing how customers behave. Companies can concentrate on their core capabilities and provide better customer service by outsourcing customer care. This is made possible by several technological developments that allow outsourced customer care organizations to provide customers with a wide range of services.

The Importance of outsourced customer care services

Everything else in your business is secondary to providing excellent customer service. It consists of the assistance you give consumers before, during, and after they buy your good or service. Regardless of the size of your company, providing excellent customer service needs to be one of your top priorities if you want to succeed.

Good customer service must be consistently offered to all types of customers, including potential, new, and existing ones. Reliable inbound order taking services may help your business grow and succeed, even though it may require additional resources, time, and money.

We Offer Several Customer Support Channels

Good customer service can help your business in several ways. The issue is that not all companies have the staff to support this, and others don’t even value customer service because they are too busy generating leads and gaining new clients. As a result, the customer will feel ignored and leave.

Everyone, including your customers, wants to feel like they are valued. They value businesses that take the time to hear their queries and worries. You will be able to provide your customers with the attention they need with the aid of customer service outsourcing, allowing you to concentrate on the essential aspects of your company.

Live Chat

Live chat is one of the best online service tools for enabling seamless customer communication with your company. A user may have a query when they visit your website and look at your offerings. The fact that they may contact you immediately, if necessary, will give them more confidence to do business with you if you have a “Live Chat” button. To maximize customer happiness, retention, and revenue, outsource live chat help.


One of the most successful forms of customer service communication and a crucial tool for a positive customer experience is voice. Our representatives express concern, care, and sympathy for your customer in a genuine, conversational tone. To ensure seamless assistance delivery to your clients, our outsourced customer support team is supported by practical training sessions and best practices in areas such as customer care and etiquette, speaking skills (accent, tone, volume, choice of words), and customer care and etiquette.

Social Media

Potential and current customers anticipate a response within minutes through the increasingly significant customer care channel of social media. Prompt response on social media is crucial since it demonstrates how much your company values its clients. Long periods spent without responding to messages and comments reflect negatively on your company and may result in unfavorable criticism.

In addition, it can result in a 15% rise in customer attrition rates. In order to handle urgent posts and maintain brand trust, your clients can benefit from our outsourced social media customer service team monitoring their accounts around the clock. You can encourage your clients to serve as brand ambassadors and promote your company by going above and beyond.


Email is one of the primary customer service methods for most firms that cannot be compromised. Most customers prefer using customer care emails since they only need to write one, send it, and then wait a few hours or a day for a response whether they have questions about products or services, technical assistance, or sales. So that your customers’ emails don’t pile up, hire our email support outsourcing services to handle your pile up emails.

Our Outsourcing Customer Care Services for Customer Support

General inquiries, technical help, billing support, sales support, and collections can all be handled by BlueChip Call Center’s outsourced customer support services. Here is a partial list of the services we offer for outsourcing customer care.

Customer Support General Questions

We manage all customer inquiries for your company, including requests for information about your goods or services, order processing, account-related difficulties, customer complaints, product problems, returns, helping with sales, and more.

Technical Support

When a customer has a technical issue, such as a hardware or software problem, our outsourced tech support responds by asking questions to diagnose the problem and then offering a step-by-step troubleshooting guide. Through live chat, phone conversations, emails, and remote connections through the internet, we aid customers with their technical problems. For your company, our outsourced IT support services are crucial to help with IT-related issues in order to prevent client annoyance and losses.

Sales support

Our sales support team assists clients with sales-related issues, such as accepting orders from clients, answering questions, and supplying quotes. We establish trusting relationships with our clients so we may provide up-sell and cross-sell services.

Billing Support

Our outsourced customer care department can handle your customers’ billing-related issues, including order payments, account status, and balances, plan upgrades/downgrades, refunds, updating billing information, and fraud management.


In order to contact your clients and collect past-due payments, loans, or other invoices by explicitly informing them of the situation, we provide collections customer service support. We also look through the specifics of a customer’s account transactions and assign an investigator to help with disputes.

At BlueChip Call Center, we build stronger bonds with your clients, so they keep using your goods and services, come back to you for more, and tell their friends and coworkers about you.

outsourcing order taking process

How outsourcing order taking process Helps You Meet Demand for business

The streamlined product sales will be ensured by outsourcing order taking process to a contact center provider, allowing your firm to concentrate on marketing the product and expanding the brand/business. Order-taking contact centers are tailored for order-taking answering services to enhance the upselling of the items. However, a word of caution should be heeded while searching for a contact center to whom you may subcontract your phone order-taking services: only skilled and qualified live operators can turn phone calls into actual sales.

Most individuals now spend a significant amount of money ordering food from restaurants due to the growth in average salaries. According to their convenience, they prefer to call it to be delivered to their home. Therefore, they search for call-in delivery.

With the pandemic starting in 2020 and dining services being replaced by phone orders, the requirement for a specialist order-taking service provider has become even more critical. Many businesses have been improving their internal delivery services due to the premium third-party meal ordering platforms charge. Outsourcing order taking process might give them the much-needed assistance to speed up their operations. Because there are more restaurants and customers, there is much more rivalry to offer the finest meal delivery services. Most restaurants are increasingly seeking outside assistance to help with order taking, customer satisfaction, and cost-effective company expansion.

Restaurants choose outsourcing order taking process requirements for the reasons listed below:

1) Stop Switching Back and Forth Between In-House and Call-In Services

It would be difficult for your in-house personnel to deliver the highest level of customer satisfaction when they are expected to handle both delivery orders and dine-in clients. Your personnel might dedicate their full attention to satisfying dine-in customers by outsourcing to a top call center outsourcing vendor. The call-in customer orders will be handled to eliminate any danger of missing client orders. This will boost your company’s income and reputation for providing excellent customer service.

2) Getting Rid of Order-Taking Errors

The restaurant can have a tough time serving dine-in guests at busy times. The dining room may become too busy or noisy for your personnel to handle orders from call-in customers in a professional manner accurately. Order-taking services can be outsourced to a third party, eliminating the possibility of error. There is still another advantage. It always protects restaurants from problems brought on by attrition, allowing them to provide continuous client service. By outsourcing order-taking services, you can guarantee that a committed team will keep track of incoming orders in a CRM tool, systematically organize the process, and prevent any confusion or delays.

3) Improved Business Revenue

Customers may easily communicate with the agents working for reputable order-taking outsourcing businesses. Their refined language skills would provide your company a competitive edge since their professionalism would reduce the likelihood that a consumer would hang up the phone in dissatisfaction with the call-in service they received. Additionally, third-party agents can skillfully use up-selling and cross-selling strategies to ensure that your consumers receive the best possible offer. Your company’s revenue would be maximized as a result of this.

4) Lower Investment Costs

Compared to outsourcing these requirements to call center outsourcing companies in USA, investing in internal agents to provide call-in client order-taking support would be more expensive. Your company’s expenditures would rise due to the expenses associated with resource management, architectural upkeep, payroll, and other perks. The third-party order-taking service provider offers round-the-clock services and effectively handles multilingual order-taking assistance. This would enable your company to attract a more extensive clientele.

5) Actively Considering Customer Feedback

When a restaurant makes an effort to raise its service standards by truly considering client input, it improves the level of service and increases customer happiness. Third-party outsourcing businesses are experts in gathering consumer feedback and providing appropriate information to enhance your services. This would distinguish your company from competitors since customer-identified flaws are immediately fixed.

6) No wasting time rerouting customer calls

If your restaurant has many locations, there is always a risk that clients will contact the incorrect branch. This could occasionally cause problems. Their call would need to be transferred to your restaurant’s location that is closest to them. By Outsource Email Support services, you can ensure that all client calls are routed to qualified representatives who can direct consumers to place their purchases correctly.

Companies may reduce customer wait times, aggravating experiences that no consumer likes to go through. By concentrating on lowering hold time via the installation of strict measures and suitable technology, outsourcing phone order-taking services decreases this time.

7) Upselling and Cross-Selling

Call center agents may increase income through upselling and cross-selling to customers they interact with directly. When a consumer phones a representative to make an order or purchase a specific item, the call center executive may persuade the customer to buy a more expensive item, a recently released item, or an alternative good-value item. Your outsourced partner may easily enhance income by 25–30% through cross-selling and upselling.

How do call center services for taking orders operate?

The order-taking contact center services provided by Expert Callers cover every stage of the procedure, including answering the phone, taking the order, delivering the product, and getting client feedback. To represent your company’s name and goods, our phone order-taking service representatives go through a comprehensive and specialized training program. The employees are highly skilled professionals in order administration, processing, and fulfillment.

Executives at the contact center are skilled in computer use, analysis, communication, and customer service. They are experienced in processing orders, responding to a wide range of client inquiries, and gathering feedback to help the company grow. All these not only increase your company’s productivity but also give you more time to focus on marketing and manufacturing.

You are erroneous if you find it difficult to trust call center outsourcing services to handle your order-taking needs. To keep their customers pleased, third-party service providers adhere to strict protocols. They are responsible in every way and adjust to your restaurant’s culture. Therefore, you may streamline and improve the efficiency of your business by outsourcing your phone order-taking.

Advantages of outsourcing Order-Taking Services

According to recent studies, lousy customer service costs firms $62 billion annually. Utilize an order-taking service to get rid of terrible customer service. These specialists have had extensive training, and they comprehend the value of precision, efficiency, and adjusting to the demands of every client. This personal touch establishes credibility and encourages repeat business.

How much money do lost sales cost you? Many companies today outsource phone order-taking services to enable sales to continue outside the typical 9 to 5 business hours.

Businesses may process orders seven days a week, twenty-four hours a day, thanks to order entry outsourcing. Any instructions, such as product information, discounts, chances for cross-selling, prices, payment methods, etc., may be supplied for you to pass along to your customer.

Additionally, outsourcing online order processing enables visitors to use your website’s live agent callback function. Your consumers may always engage in live conversation with our qualified order takers via toll-free phone access or live chat on the web. Many businesses cannot maintain a continuous relationship with live order entry takers without outsourcing, losing essential clients.

Know everything about email chat support services

Did you know that one of the most effective methods to reduce bounce rates is email chat support services? Businesses get many emails daily with insightful questions, comments, or ideas. Because each one of them has the potential to increase your money stream and expand your clientele, responding to them all is crucial. You must exercise initiative and be swift and aware. Every email ignored is a lost chance to increase sales and promote your brand.

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Optimize Business Operations By inbound call center outsourcing

Any company that needs to interact with consumers must have a call center. Customers frequently go there when they need assistance very away, and it may be a crucial outbound sales channel. But establishing and maintaining a call center involves several resources, the price of which can quickly mount. One of the best methods for businesses to swiftly increase production, efficiency, and revenues is outsourcing to a call center. Shifting inbound customer support from in-house to one of these centers has contributed to the success of numerous firms. Inbound call center outsourcing a strategy that improves business operations for both the company and its clients.

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Knowing about the difference between inbound and outbound call center service

A contact center, which is essentially a centralized office that handles huge requests over the phone, plays a critical part in deciding customer loyalty and the overall long-term profitability of any organization, albeit its usefulness is still questioned by many for unclear reasons. They don’t realize that if firms fail to handle their customers’ demands professionally, and by professional, I mean through reputable call center services, their whole reputation will be on the line.

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