Answering Services

We have expertise in delivering efficient and precise outsourced answering services that significantly save time and reduce expenses of your customers. Further, when you outsource your call center, not only are you able to answer the calls on time but also reduce overhead expenditure on services.

The Process: A team of professional call center agents dedicatedly works on your behalf and ensures that all the calls that come in get properly answered. We can also deliver 24x7 phone answering services if you require, as we run our call center process throughout day and night. All the calls are politely received by our agents who collect the necessary information from the caller along with their queries, questions and reason for calling.

Upon completion of the call, the operator can
  • Convey the message on cell phones or any other medium of your choice
  • Retrieve the message upon storage
  • Forward the message to a complimentary voice mail box
  • Call the client and deliver the message
  • Send an Email or fax regarding the messages to the client.

Applications of Answering Services

  • Account Status
  • Shipment Tracking
  • Calling Card Services
  • Locator Services
  • Emergency Notification
  • Lead Generation
  • Credit Collections
  • Mortgage Marketing
  • Appointment Reminders
  • Invoice Payment
  • Voice Mail and Call Back Systems
  • Payroll Services
  • Message and Recording Service
  • Fund Raising Projects
  • Product Ordering and Fulfillment
  • Inventory Services

Adding Value to Call Answering Services

Call answering on a small scale is not a tough job. Anyone can answer one or two calls and handle them well. But professional call answering services outsourcing ventures are all about answering large volumes of calls while maintaining quality standards. This is where our services are a cut above the rest. At Bluechip Call Center, we use our long-term experience and time-tested skills to provide the best experience to the callers time and time again.

Below are some reasons why our call answering services are ideal for your business:

Complete ownership of the customer

With our call center answering services, you can expect complete ownership of the customer issues. Our agents take responsibility for each and every call, and leave no stones unturned when it comes to resolving customers' queries and answering their questions (no matter how difficult they are). Whether it is a simple question or a detailed issue, customers are always treated with politeness and complete respect.

Lowest call abandonment rate

Our call center administrators ensure that the whole process is managed in such a way that every call is attended. We have some of the most honest and dedicated agents who follow the best call center practices and maintain low AHT along with high FCR. Hence, almost every customer gets the resolution to his issue in the shortest time possible. Therefore, the calls are received on time and queue is never too crowded, which means that the call abandonment rate always remains low.

Automated call answering with IVR

Our Interactive Voice Response (IVR) system allows us to automate your call answering process. With our IVR expertise, we offer virtual answering service to our clients. You can utilize our cost-effective IVR outsourcing services for handling a bulk of your calls without spending too much. The automatic IVR call answering can be used to run 24 hour answering service, 7 days a week.

Tried and tested call answering scripts

We have some of the best content creators who develop customized call center answering phone script for our clients. The scripts include appropriate salutation, branding, a welcome message and a call ending message for customers.

Cutting-edge tools for maintaining an efficient process

Our phone answering services call center is cutting-edge in every respect. We employ the best CRM, which enables us to maintain the efficiency of the process. All our agents and managers are well-versed with the call answering tools, which allows them to fetch information fast and provide it to the customers within seconds. Our customer answering service maintains the highest level of customer satisfaction because we empower our employees with cutting-edge call center software.

At Bluechip Call Center, we maintain a high call center answer rate and strive to attend each and every call made by customers. Our superior call center services are coveted in countries like India and the US. We are well-recognized in the industry as we have the ability to improve the image of a business in front of its customers.


Outsourced answering services
The concept of having someone else manage your front office is one of the major worries about outsourcing customer service. As long as you engage with the right partner and have the proper mechanisms in place, outsourced answering services have the potential to boost customer satisfaction beyond what is possible with in-house staff.


Outsourced phone answering service

The possibilities are endless when it comes to outsourced phone answering service. Among many other tasks, call Centre employees can qualify and capture leads, process orders, gather caller information, and help with customer support inquiries. Some call center’s even offer round-the-clock support to callers by being open 24 hours a day. Some contact center’s additionally offer bilingual call Centre service choices.
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