Customer Care Support

A well planned strategy for customer service along with professional resources for the same can help transform any business. We, at Bluechip Call Center, understand the customer service requirements of SMEs and large scale organizations and offer outsourced customer services to fulfil all such requirements of our clients coming from diverse industry verticals.

Core Competencies
We are fully capable of handling customer queries on 24x7 basis through all the popular mediums of communications. Our help desk support services and call scripting system allows us to handle all the queries quickly and efficiently. Our delivery centers in New Jersey, Seattle and India are fully equipped with all the necessary technologies, gadgets and resources that are required for handling customer concerns over phone, email and web chat.

Customers can make calls:-
  • To check the status of their order
  • To get information on various services and products
  • To verify their account status

Well planned and properly executed customer service plays an important role in the success of any organization. We, at Bluechip Call Center, have incorporated our call management system with back-end delivery and enterprise-level reporting systems as this allows us to handle even the most complex of queries in an easy way. Our experienced teams of professional call center agents make use of latest technologies and strategies to achieve high levels of customer satisfaction.

Our contact centers in America and India function round the clock to ensure that your customers are never left unattended. Further, we ensure that our customer service agents are provided all the necessary technologies and equipments required for delivering customer care support services. Outsource customer care services to Bluechip Call Center for enhanced customer satisfaction and business growth.

Customer Care Outsourcing

Your ability to rapidly and decisively make sound budgetary decisions is greatly enhanced by Customer care outsourcing service. Outsourcing is also a good option if you want to add more communication channels to your existing operation. Outsourcers frequently have existing clients that communicate through other methods, and it's a simple plug-and-play to help you expand your business. Contact our experts today.

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