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We have a strong policy of nurturing our Call Center Executives and grooming them for higher positions. We have regular capacity building and training workshops for our Call Center Executives on pertinent topics. We also have specialized trainers for American, British and Australian accents as well as for Comprehension skills.

Our Call Center Agents are truly self-motivated due to our policy of regular rewards and recognition for them. We encourage internal promotions within our organization and elevate our Call Center Executives to Management levels.

With examples galore of Call Center Executives rising up to become Quality Analysts and Chief Operations Officer, our employees know that their performance can take them to the pinnacle. This is also the reason why our organization avails loyal services of its employees, while every other company struggles due to attrition.

We go all out to care for our Call Center Executives. And no wonder then that our Call Center Executive take best care of your customers. Our Call Center Executives can serve you in the below mentioned three roles:

1. Dedicated Agents
These Call Center Executives will work exclusively for your Enterprise. They shall possess the specialized qualities as desirable by your enterprise. They shall devote their complete working hours for service of your Enterprise.

2. Shared Agents
If you feel that not enough work is generated by your Enterprise to occupy all the working hours of a Call Center Executive, then you may opt to pay per call or pay per assignment. Our Call Center Executive will fulfill your requirements as well as those of other Enterprises who have a similar arrangement.

3. Blended Agents
You may also opt for Dedicated agents during your peak hours, and Shared Agents during the non-peak hours. The specialist and skilled Dedicated agent can handle the work load with concentration in the crucial hours. While after the peak time, when the work load decreases, you can avail the services of a Shared Agent.

If you are confused that which kind of Call Center Agents will suit you best, then just glance at the two decisive factors listed as follows

Complexity level of the Product or Service by your Enterprise
If the nature of product or service that you want the Call Center Executives to deal in is complicated and requires a specialized skill set, then you must opt for Dedicated agents. We will create such a team of Dedicated Agents who would possess prior knowledge and experience and can simplify the complexity of your product or service to the end user. However if the product or service by your Enterprise is generic enough and easy to understand, then you may go for Shared Agent as well.

Call Volume Generated by your Enterprise
If the number of calls will exceed 150 per day, then you should opt for a Dedicated agent plan. But if the frequency of calls is as low as 0-50 calls then a Shared agent plan will suit you better.
Whichever plan you choose, rest assured, our Call Center Executives are the best.
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