Chat Support FAQ

1. Will your Executives be formal or informal in their chat?
We will abide by your directions on this. However we recommend being more formal than informal to maintain professionalism in the customer interactions. But certain informal features of chat, like the smiley emoticon can definitely be used to enhance customer relations.

2. Can you provide round the clock chat support?
Yes. We have a 24x7 work environment, with round the clock easy shifts for our employees. Not just chat support, but all our services are available round the clock.

3. I don't think chatting will occupy full time of an agent because of its inconsistency, then why should I pay for full day?
Actually you don't have to pay for a dedicated agent if you think that chat support will not be a full-time task. You can opt for a shared agent, who will work for you as well as other similar enterprise who seek chat support. You can also seek chat support along with other services which are likely to occupy full time, like tele-marketing, oss billing etc.

4. I don't have a chat facility right now on my website. Can you also install it for me and then take it over?
Yes. We are one of the rare Call Centers which has an in-house team with expertise in software and IT solutions. So we can create a custom chat facility for you, and then also maintain it through our executive.

5. What is the guarantee that you will not chat inappropriately with the customers?
Our executives are thorough professionals, and besides we have vigilant supervisors and quality analysts to ensure that no such issue ever occurs. There is a zero tolerance policy for any inappropriate conduct in our organization.

6. Want more information?
contact us at +1.888.385.8953
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