Back Office Support FAQ

1. The kind of Back Office Support I require is not in a part of your listed services of database like insurance processing or database generation and conversion. Can you go beyond the listed services to provide support to my back-office?

We are like your virtual staff. If a work can be done using information technology, then we can do it for you. Please feel free to send a query to us regarding your nature of work, and we will create a custom Back Office service for you.

2. What will be my degree of control on my Back Office?

We provide you virtual employees. You retain full control on them like assigning tasks, delivery timelines, and their monitoring. You can also request change of staff, if you feel someone is underperforming.

3. If I spot mistakes in data conversion done by your back office, then how do I trust your delivery?

We have a 'zero defect delivery' approach to work. Any data that goes to you is first scrutinized by our Quality Analysts. There is zilch probability for you to find any mistakes in our data.

4. How do I know if you are not the back office of my business competitors also?

We maintain complete privacy on the data of our clients. We have stringent policies in place to ensure that you never suffer competitive disadvantage due to our data management.

5. What is the strength of back office support staff you can provide me?

We have more than 2700 work stations. We can provide back office support to big, medium and small enterprises alike.

6. Want more information? contact us at +1.888.385.8953
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