Email support outsourcing FAQ

What is the guarantee that you will not send an improper or inaccurate email from our enterprise email id?
Replies for most of the common e-mail queries would be drafted in advance with your approval on the contents of the mail. In case, a unique e-mail query comes up, then we shall first bring it to your notice with a suggested reply from our side. However, we shall not send any unique reply without your prior approval.

What will be your response time for one email?
For the common emails, which have a pre-drafted reply ready, our response time is maximum 10 minutes. For the emails which require a unique reply, we require a prior approval from you. After your approval, we will take time of maximum 10 minutes to respond. We have also set 24 hrs as the maximum time in which to obtain an approval from you and respond. We will ensure that response to no email is ever delayed beyond a day.

Can you provide e-mail support and chat support simultaneously?
Yes. These two services can be offered to you as a combined package; however each has its own cost. We encourage unifying of services. We can also offer you call center support combined with e-mail support.

I don't receive too many e-mails, but I have to send a lot of e-mails to customers. Can you provide me e-mail support for this?
Yes. E-mail support includes both replying to queries and also sending out reminders, promotional e-mails to customers or a database. We provide solutions in e-mail marketing as well.

Is my e-mail data secure with you?
Yes. We have very strong privacy policies in our organisation, including non-disclosure agreement with all our employees. We have disabled all USB ports in workstations and have a CISCO based secure IP network. We value your data and guard it with utmost care.

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