Outsourced Customer Service

A step-by-step guide on Outsourcing Customer Service

Are you considering outsourcing your customer care department? If so, you are at the appropriate location. For several reasons, many firms are thinking about outsourcing their customer support. Outsourcing is more feasible than ever because of quickly growing technology and a globe that is becoming more linked. Many of the issues that outsourcing formerly brought about are no longer an issue. As an illustration, modern communication with your outsourced workforce is quick and effective.

In the current market, where customers have more options than ever before, Outsourced Customer Service has evolved into the core competency of every modern business, particularly those in eCommerce and SaaS. A company might not always have the means or the motivation to offer top-notch customer service.  Outsourcing customer support is useful in this situation.  But if you’ve never outsourced customer support before, where do you begin? What actions should you take to make sure everything goes without a hitch? The actions a business should take if it chooses to outsource assistance are listed below.

Why Does Outsourcing Customer Service Make Sense?

Before recently, contacting businesses required a lot of time. A company’s support staff became harder to contact as it got bigger or busier.

Many consumers opted to solve their issues on their own after learning how long they would have to wait to talk with a customer support agent.  However, as the on-demand economy expands and customers can make on-the-spot service purchases, companies are also boosting their customer care initiatives. Even startups should focus on customer service from the beginning, not only large enterprises. This is because a company’s reputation is built from the beginning thanks to exceptional customer service.

It is now up to you to decide whether to outsource customer care or not since no business can succeed without offering first-rate customer service.

Advantages of outsourcing Customer Service

There are various reasons why businesses outsource their customer support. One of them is having minimal operating expenses. To reduce costs, some start-ups choose not to employ full-time support staff.  Additionally, as organizations grow, they struggle to meet the rising need for in-house customer support personnel and resources. To assist you in making an educated choice, here is a list of the advantages of outsourcing customer support to a third-party organization. Continue reading to find out what will be useful to your business.

1. Savings in costs

Cost savings are the primary driver for firms to outsource their service. You may reduce the amount of space and infrastructure needed, as well as the price of employing new employees and providing them with training. Additionally, not having an internal staff frees up funds for employee benefits and the entire wage. As a result, outsourcing may help your company save thousands of dollars every year.

Another wise choice is to outsource to countries offshore where the minimum salary is lower than in your own country.

2. Reduced Workload

Being an Outsourced Customer Service representative is an extremely hard job. Due to the demanding nature of the work, sustaining service standards and maintaining client connections may all be highly time-consuming tasks for you. Your internal staff may concentrate on the most vital needs of the company by outsourcing customer support. This lessens your workload, which is advantageous if your company has a restricted budget, and frees up some of your bandwidth for crucial elements of your growth plan.

3. Adaptability

To choose the service coverage for the period and kind of service, you may choose flexible plans. In general, if you are short on employees, providing 24/7 support or help during busy or holiday times might be difficult for you. Customer service outsourcing is advantageous in these situations. Additionally, you may select the channels—email, chat, phone, or social media—through which you wish the service to be made available.

4. Effective Management of Customer Service

It takes a lot of work to assemble a seasoned and expert customer care team to handle customer service management. Training the workers and putting the equipment in place will require a lot of work on your part. However, if you choose call center outsourcing company, you will receive a specialized staff that is well-versed in the necessary methods and tools to handle your customer support. 

5. Shorter Response Times

The call centers work to provide quicker responses. The call centers may reduce turnaround times by hiring more personnel for Outsource Email Support, providing service during long hours, and utilizing cutting-edge technology.

6. Better Automation & Technology

You must be present on several communication channels to be successful in customer service, and you can only do this by integrating various platforms into an omnichannel system. Additionally, because PCs and mobile devices are widely used and accessible, consumers frequently anticipate assistance outside of regular office hours on all of their preferred communication channels. Modern technology is frequently used by third-party call centers to provide customer support in the best way possible.  Call centers can effectively handle customer support calls with the use of technologies like IVR, AI, and cloud phone systems.

Best Practices for Customer Service Outsourcing

Customer pleasure is the ultimate goal of customer service. This essentially comes down to having a knowledgeable customer service workforce that is aware of both the demands of the callers and the organization’s basic beliefs and goals.

Customer happiness is particularly being optimized nowadays through customer service outsourcing, even though any organization’s founders may have the most comprehensive understanding of their business. Regarding customer service and experience, there are no longer any exceptions or concessions. After one negative encounter, the consumer leaves. It makes sense that you would be cautious when it comes to outsourcing.

Consider the benefits before deciding to outsource your customer support. When you outsource customer care, you may use the best practices as a checklist to guide you.

Make Specific Goals

Create a list of goals that spells out the whys and what’s of outsourcing customer service, such as reducing costs, boosting service hours, or improving quality. You should also take into account everything, including the technology used, the required skill set, the number of service hours, and the contract type you wish to enter.

Tell the outsourcing team exactly what you anticipate of them so that they can deliver on your objectives.

Control the quality of training

The call center’s customer care employees will take calls simultaneously from several companies. Therefore, it is crucial to make sure they are well-versed in your company’s core principles, the technical specifics of your goods and services, as well as how to interact with clients.

If you decide to outsource to an offshore call center, you must examine the language and cultural differences and any potential effects on the perception of your brand.

Using a learning management system, take control of the training by concentrating on topics like your unique culture and product details that are crucial to your brand perception and company. Monitoring the delivery of services is also essential if you want to advance your service goals.

Regular Meetings and Discussions of the Reviews

To know what’s going on with customer care, it’s essential to be in regular contact with the service staff. Removing temporary obstacles, aids in paving the way for effective service delivery. Such assessments would assist you in assessing how well your customer service is performing and what you need to change to advance the service. Additionally, you’ll be able to determine what product enhancements you must do to live up to client expectations.

Analyze the Customer Service Strategy’s Performance

If you outsource customer support, keep an eye on the results to make sure they match the objectives you had in mind. Know how well you are performing in your list’s other plans, like cost targets, response times, and client satisfaction levels. To discover performance gaps, if any, you should also evaluate the customer support agent’s performance in terms of their product knowledge, communication skills, resolution rate, and other factors. Tell them how frequently you want the satisfaction surveys to be conducted. Additionally, occasionally request reports from the call center to assess the effectiveness of customer support.

Make a call center selection Carefully

Select a partner who can understand your company’s needs, values, and objectives. There are several call centers to pick from that provide customizable services in terms of call volumes, specializations, and spending limits.  Based on your particular business requirements, such as the time zone, language requirements, degree of experience, security issues, and so on, narrow down your list of service providers.

How Much Does Outsourcing Customer Service Cost?

The majority of the customer service that businesses provide is fairly priced when you consider the advantages it provides to organizations. Typically, the following criteria are used to determine how much this service will cost:

● Seating capacity. The cost is heavily influenced by how many seats are needed. Outsourced Customer Service providers can use this to estimate the number of personnel and supplies required for the task.

● Agent expertise. No matter how seasoned or novice an agent is, contact centers give them thorough training. They all receive the same treatment, but the increased prices also apply to agents who are more talented and experienced.

● Communication Language. Assume that the rate of non-local and non-universal languages will be higher than the local and universal languages in the nation where you choose to outsource. It’s because there’s a great demand for agents who can speak various languages, which makes it challenging to locate one.

● Term of the agreement. The length of the contract has an impact on the cost of the service. The pricing is more competitive the longer the contract is in effect. You will receive a larger rate the shorter you are.

● Cost of Employee. The price is impacted by the labour market’s supply and demand. Let’s assume that agents give the supply while employers provide the demand; if the latter is more than the former, the rate will rise as a result. The rate will decrease whenever the supply exceeds the demand.

Call center outsourcing is an essential move for expanding businesses.

Outsourcing call centers enables businesses to offer greater customer service while spending less money. Call centers improve the client experience since they may cut down on wait times, provide round-the-clock assistance, are well-trained, and perhaps speak many languages.  At the same time, a well-trained group of call center workers may significantly increase a company’s worth by doing lead generation, telemarketing, and other kinds of outbound calls.


What your business will get by outsourcing with Bluechip Call Center?

When you outsource work to us, we’ll build up a skilled team for your business that takes care of facilities, labour regulations, IT support, HR, payroll, and hiring services. Bluechip Call Center is the best company to outsource customer service. Quality, productivity, and working procedures are all up to you. We can easily complete all of your challenging business requirements.

How effective are Bluechip Call Center services?

We have a dedicated health clinic, server room, on-site tech support team, training room, reliable internet connection, power backup, sprinkler system, and fire detection system with our state-of-the-art workplace.  Additionally, we have a security guard, changing facilities, and a 24-hour security system.

With all the most recent services and technology, our offices are just as nice as a normal American workplace.

How Bluechip Call Center help your business to save money?

As compared to US and Australia in terms of outsourcing, India is relatively cost-effective. You may reduce operational costs as a consequence by hiring the best outsourcing company like us. We do excellent work that satisfies the demands of our customers. Currently, we are working on various types of projects that are producing good results for a variety of enterprises.

How much time does it take to assemble the team?

We have access to a large pool of qualified and talented candidates, so we can fill practically any position your business may need. We match and hire a qualified individual based on the job description that you offer. After finding the ideal personnel for your team, we set up the new group with our state-of-the-art office amenities, including IT infrastructure, furnishings, and tech support.

Within six weeks of the process beginning, if not sooner, we will set them up and align them to work for you.

How does Bluechip Call Center find the best candidates for the company?

The hiring procedure for the offshore team is comparable to that for a local team. We review your job description, run a scan, and help you choose applicants for early interviews. Once you’ve chosen a few people to interview, we employ them and set them up in our office so they can begin working on your process.

Is it possible to change the structure of the team?

We are happy to help you in any manner we can. As and when necessary, you can expand your team by adding additional members. Simply tell your account manager and recruit a qualified candidate for your team.


A great method to save expenses while enhancing response times and customer satisfaction is to outsource support services. However, you must make sure it is appropriate for the present state of your business and that you take the required steps to secure the partnership’s success. It is worthwhile to take the time to thoroughly comprehend whom you need and to develop a procedure for finding, hiring, and keeping.

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