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Importance of Artificial intelligence in Customer Service

Artificial intelligence (AI) has evolved considerably in the last few years. Its impact can be seen on a number of technologies and domains that are progressing ever so quickly after AI infusion. According to Delolitte, 56% of technology, media, and telecom enterprises are expected to invest in artificial intelligence. Customer service industry has also started using AI-powered technologies. Companies that are employing AI have a higher rate of customer and employee satisfaction than those who are staying away from it. Hence, it makes good business sense to outsource call center services to a company that utilizes AI.

How AI Can Be Utilized by Customer Service Outsourcing Company?

We all know AI has great potential. Scientists have predicted it to be the single biggest force that will shape the fortunes of humans in the future. Its utilization in call centers is already underway as part of CRM systems, which customer care agents use for their day-to-day tasks.

The main purpose of a CRM tool is to understand and then enhance customers’ experience by delivering best services. With AI integration, CRM tools are able to accomplish their tasks in a much better way. AI is automating the process of retrieving customer information and at the same time providing insights. This approach has many advantages:

  1. Better sale strategy

    It is possible to profile customer better by using a CRM integrated with AI. This helps in scanning customers that are more likely to purchase your product. As companies get a good idea of who is going to buy the product and who is not, it becomes easier to target potential businesses.

  2. Enhanced customer satisfaction levels

    With an AI-integrated CRM, a customer service agent will get immediate insights about customer, right after picking the call. It will allow him to deal with that customer in a better way and get to a resolution in the shortest amount of time possible. The result: improved customer satisfaction levels.

  3. Easy to maintain and utilize customers’ data floating around on different platforms

    Customer interactions with a company are evolving with time. Now, communication is not limited to voice call or chat support only. Even social media websites like Twitter and Facebook are turning into platforms that customer uses often for getting customer support. Such is the popularity of these mediums that some customers use Twitter as their preferred mode of communication with a company.

With the use of AI, it is possible to access and implement this data floating around on different platforms for adding value to customer support services. For example, if a customer has already contacted you via Twitter, then he would expect you to be aware of his issue. With a CRM that keeps track of such interactions, your agents will be able to attend and solve the problem quickly. This would not have been possible if AI was not embedded into your CRM tool.


AI has become crucial for the evolution of most business processes. Hence, it is vital for any business to incorporate it in its workflow. AI integration with CRM opens a new world of opportunities for any customer service outsourcing company that wants to improve its business prospects. Not only it can help a customer support company in its daily interactions with customers, it can also provide valuable insights for development of better marketing strategies.

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