Outsource Customer Care to 24×7 Vendors and get satisfied Customers

When it comes to resolving customers’ issues, the timing of the fix is the most important. Regardless of how well you treat your customers or how polite you are to them; they will leave you if you are not available when they need you the most. Therefore, you should always outsource customer care to 24×7 vendors who understand the importance of timeliness.

Businesses should consider taking some risks when allowing employees outside the organization to communicate directly with their target and existing consumers when deciding to outsource contact center operations. Due to the fact that practically all companies work hard to be customer-oriented, there is a strong need to exercise prudence while outsourcing crucial company processes.

A corporation should always take the history and reputation of the service provider into consideration before picking Call Center Outsourcing vendors for crucial customer care support. Along with considering the reputation of the outsourcing service provider, one should also assess the breadth of the qualified resources that are available from that provider.

The Need for Round-The-Clock Customer Care

In the modern-times, the schedule and habits of people have changed considerably. Especially when it comes to work hours, 9 to 5 is no longer the standard office shift. Due to globalization, people are working across different time zones, which means the need for support can arrive at just about any time. Other than that, there are also major changes in the sleeping patterns and waking hours of people in general. Due to social media and OTT platforms, people are staying up late. They might need customer care/tech support to fix a network issue or subscription problem or even a technical website issue. And hence, companies need to outsource customer care to those companies that are capable of sustaining a consistent round-the-clock call center operation.

The Challenges of Sustaining Quality in 24×7 Customer Care

Your customer service workforce may be assembled properly and run in the manner you may like with the assistance of the best Call Center Outsourcing vendors. Always exercise extreme caution when working with a service provider who does not permit you to do so.

Although 24×7 customer care is a lot better than fixed-hours customer care, most companies face tremendous challenges in implementing it. Some of the challenges are:

Limited pool of quality agents

To sustain a 24×7 operation, you need to have a vast pool of agents who can work in different shifts. Also, these agents need to be driven and motivated. The ground reality is that most agents slack off during late hours and compromise the quality of the entire customer care operation.

Company policies

If a company operates 9 to 5 in general, then it is very hard for it to run an additional 24×7 operation. There are other challenges as well like transportation of employees during late night, arranging food for them at odd hours and hiring an additional support staff. To tackle these issues, a company has to alter its prevalent company policies, which in itself is a huge challenge for any organization.

The Clear and Present Advantages of 24×7 Customer Care

Considering all the challenges posed by a 24×7 customer care operation, it is a much better option to outsource customer care to a vendor company. Not only you will be able to overcome the challenges mentioned above, you would also be able to access the following advantages:

Improve the image of your brand

When you run a 24×7 support, you instantly give a lift to the image of your brand. More and more customers appreciate your efforts and spread a good word about you.

Serve the needs of more customers than ever before

As you would be running your operation all through the day and night, you would be able to reach customers who generally remain untouched by your customer services. There are many customers who do not get the time to call you because of their strict schedule or office hours. With your 24×7 customer care, you would be able to make a good impression on these customers as well.

Remember: Consistency is the Key

Even if you are running a 24×7 operation, you will not see its positive impact till you make it consistent throughout day and night. In some cases, bad support during odd hours can do more harm then good. Therefore, choose a 24×7 vendor with great care. Find someone with long-term experience in the field and a track record of delivering successful projects time and again.

At Bluechip Call Center, we are driven to meet our clients’ requirement. We always keep the standards high and provide high-quality customer care outsourcing solutions 24x7x365.

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