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Make a Difference to Your Brand Image with Innovative IVR Solutions

Interactive voice response, commonly known as IVR, has become a constant in call center industry. No matter what kind of process is run by a call center operator – be it inbound or outbound, tech support or telemarketing – IVR has a special place in all of these operations. Technically speaking, IVR is a tech solution that lets a computer communicate with humans via

voice and DTMF (Dual-Tone Multi-Frequency) tones generated by a keypad. But, it is much more than that, as without it the whole call center operation can go haywire. Although it is possible to get your hands on generic IVR solutions, they do not do justice to the brand image of a company. Hence, it is advised that you should utilize IT outsourcing services for IVR solutions.

Programmable IVR: Why it is worth it?

IVR solutions are essential for routing the call to the right agent or department. They also keep a customer busy when there is a long queue of calls. They can be used for taking critical bank account information from customers like account number, expiry date of the card, pin number etc. But one advantage, which is often not fully exploited by businesses, is brand promotion. This is because most business owners do not have the necessary in-house expertise to create customized IVR solutions. More often than not, business owners end up with substandard, run of the mill IVR solutions that lack the necessary finishing touches to truly connect with the customers. A great way to get your hands on programmable IVR solutions is by making use of IT outsourcing services that have good expertise in this domain.

Why Outsource for IVR Programming?

As mentioned before, IVR programming is a specialized field. Not every organization has the necessary skill to create good IVR solutions. This is why; you should choose IVR programming solutions from an outsourcing service. Some of the many advantages offered by IT outsourcing services with regards to IVR programming are listed below:

Advantage1: Access to experts who can create customized IVR solutions that mirror your brand image

When a customer calls, he expects to hear something about the brand. With the services of outsourced IVR programmers, you can shape your IVR solution in any form you want. It is possible to add custom messages, include innovative menu options and make the overall IVR experience customer friendly.

Companies that employ IVR solutions by taking the help of outsourcing vendors can go one step further and take the help of outbound call center services for devising voice message broadcast service. Unlike in IVR, where a customer hears about the company when he makes a call, voice broadcasting can be used for proactively reaching out to customers.

Advantage 2: Better security in IVR solutions

Companies that utilize IVR to take important information from customers like account, pin number etc. desire the best security. A good IVR programmer can fortify your IVR solution with the best encryption and voice recognition to ensure that no information that customer provides on the phone is compromised.

Advantage 3: Ability to integrate with different databases

Not all IVR solutions are flexible enough to fit in with different types of databases that many companies employ. But when you procure IT outsourcing services for IVR, you are provided tailor-made IVR solutions that meet your requirements. This means the IVR connects well with the databases and fetches the information fast, ensuring complete satisfaction of the customers.

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