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Keep an eye on 2022 call center trends: Know more

Every year, customer expectations rise, and 2022 is projected to be no different. Businesses that have invested in customer service will prosper, and those that have not yet done so should consider doing so in order to stay competitive. Many businesses have adapted to the new reality in 2021, and the consequences of rapidly shifting customer expectations have been felt by all, regardless of industry. This is why, for the year 2022, 45.9% of businesses have declared enhancing the customer experience their top goal.

Contact Center Technology’s Emerging Trends

A variety of technologies are already in use in today’s contact centres to manage customer interactions, measure productivity, and much more. These tools are frequently fragmented, and they don’t provide end-to-end visibility into the client experience.

Because so many businesses are emphasising customer service, we’ll provide you the customer service trends for 2022 so you can be better prepared for the road ahead.

  • Messaging Apps Maximization

As we approach 2020 and the industry shifts to a’mobile-first’ economy, the word ‘chatting’ has taken on a new meaning. It alludes to text-based communication via messaging programmes such as WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, or WeChat. Companies are now investing in these applications as part of their customer service strategy since such interactions save time, money, and effort.

  • Social Media Interactions Have Increased

Consumers are more outspoken than they have ever been. Social media has stoked the flames and pushed them even higher. Consider social media to be a two-edged sword. Social media helped popularize bad experiences in the customer service area, as it boosts brand awareness and provides additional consumer touch-points for businesses.

When customers are displeased with a product or service, they do not leave a Yelp review. Instead, they create a full live video of the encounter on Instagram or Facebook, rallying their followers behind them while venting their frustrations at a firm.

  • Artificial Intelligence (AI) in Customer Service

According to Gartner, roughly 30% of B2B companies will use AI to drive at least one major sales initiative this year. Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning solutions promise to improve contact centre processes by automating repetitive activities such as sorting emails, rerouting calls, and replying to simple FAQs, as well as managing a large number of leads and anticipating trends.

  • Concierge-Style Services are on the rise.

You’ve probably heard of customer service outsourcing, which conjures up images of a call centre in another nation accepting consumer calls and answering questions. All of this is OK. However, a new type of outsourcing is gaining traction: one that allows consumers to outsource their concerns to a third-party concierge-like service, which subsequently resolves issues on their behalf.

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