Client Calibrations are the definers of Quality at Bluechip Call Centers

We at Bluechip Callcenter have a simple, fundamental work principle– ‘Highest priority to highest quality.’ From the smallest trivial tasks like color-coding an Excel Sheet to the biggest most complex tasks like Custom Software Development, we deliver only Quality work.

But achieving Quality is no mean feat. Especially because Quality is often subjectively determined and individually defined! So 10 people can have 10 different ideas about what Quality means to them. In such a scenario, the version which we trust is our client’s version of quality.

Employee consultancyTherefore, we begin any project by first mapping all the expectations and requirements of our Clients. And fulfilling their expectations becomes our objective. For example for call centers services, some Clients would consider short conversations as high-quality, while another client would consider longer meaningful conversations as high-quality. And to align our vision of high-quality with that of our client, we lay emphasis on not just one-time expectation mapping, but continuous and regular Client Calibrations after the project has begun.

Client Calibration is essentially a process when Clients and our Quality Control team (which includes Quality Analysts, Quality Supervisors and Quality Managers) sit together and evaluate the work.

For example, Clients and our Quality team will listen to the same call recording, and each one will evaluate it separately on set criteria. The scores given by the client and the scores given by our Quality team, both are tallied. If the Client’s scores are similar to the ones given by our Quality Control Team, then both are on the same page. But if they are not, then we identify the points where the scores differ. We then hold discussions on the points of differences. And this churning and thought sharing brings about a consensus on Quality.

The beauty of these Client Calibrations is that they are not one sided. There is dialogue and both clients and our Quality teams present arguments to support their evaluation. The resultant directions from clients help us understand what they want and we deliver them exactly just that.

You are surely missing one of the most engaging discussions if you have never had a Client Calibration session with BlueChip Quality Control Team. But to be part of this calibration, you would first have to become a part of our clientele. Request a quote with us if you too are committed to highest quality.

How Can Businesses Hire the Right Call Center Outsourcing Vendor?

Partnering with the right call center outsourcing vendor is very important for organizations. As they are going to trust them with some of their most critical business processes therefore it is required that these service providers are able to deliver expected quality of services. The need for the right partner becomes more prominent when organizations require them to handle customer support services. In such cases, the service providers represent the organization and communicate with customers on behalf of them. Maintaining high quality standards is most important in such conditions as it directly affects the client’s business.
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Mentioned below are a few points that could help you in finding the right partner.

The Total Experience: The first thing that you need to check is the experience. The service provider should have good experience of delivering call center services to organizations operating in diverse business verticals. They should have proper experience of working for organizations from your industry too. This is important as prior knowledge of your industry would allow them to understand things quickly and result in better quality of services. Further, the management team should also have vast experience as they will be the ones who will be responsible for managing your process at the other end.

The Infrastructure: Next, you need to check out the infrastructure. The delivery center, from where all the services would be delivered, needs to be of high standard. The quality of equipments is also required to be properly evaluated. Moreover, they should be using all the relevant and modern technologies. They should also have a good power backup system along with secure server rooms.

The Agents:
The quality of the agents working at the contact center is also required to be properly evaluated. These will be the frontline people who would be communicating directly with your customers. Unless you are satisfied with the level of expertise, experience and talent of agents, you should not hire the vendor. Talk to some of the agents and determine their effectiveness.

Price Comparison: The main purpose of outsourcing call center services is to reduce the overhead expenses. Thus, clients should always compare the prices of service providers. However, price should not be the deciding factor as a good call center outsourcing vendor would definitely charge more than a normal service provider.

First, you need to select the most suitable candidates and then start comparing their prices.
Whether you require call center services or IT support services, you need to partner with the right vendor in order to receive effective solutions. Apart from all the above mentioned points, you should also conduct a thorough research and investigation about the prospective partners. This would help you in determining if they are the right partner for you or not.

New members join the BlueChip Call Centers family

Fresh faces bring in a breath of fresh air, and this is why we love hiring at the Bluechip Callcenter. One of our ongoing clients requested for expansion of the current team of Agents. It makes for a separate story how our Client started with one shared agent, gradually upped it to a team of 10 dedicated agents. The number grew further to 30 Agents (with 25% Shared Agents) and finally it went up to 80 Agents (25% shared). From half an agent (shared, not even one full dedicated) to 80 is an achievement to say the least. Not many Call Centers can boast of ever having got such a rewarding promotion from their client.
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And to seamlessly execute our client’s project, we had to hire additional 65 persons. And now with 65 new kinds of smiles, 65 new kinds of thinking brains and 65 new kinds of personalities amidst us in office, we are surely a richer, happier and more exciting workplace.Recruiting these 65 was however a rigorous process. For an entire week, there were hundreds of aspiring candidates in the office daily. With their resume in hand, dressed in formal ironed clothes, bright young men and women thronged our office as the news of vacancies in BlueChip spread.We have a strict ‘no fresher’ hiring policy. Anyone with three months of relevant experience would do, but not someone fresh out of college. The reason is that we want them to have prior idea of how a workplace is, what are the skills expected and what is the decorum expected from you.
We also want them to appreciate more how BlueChip is different from the rest of Call Center employers. And it seems the world already knew about what makes BlueChip as the best employer. Our weekly fun and refreshment activities, our air-conditioned cab pick-up and drop facility and the nutritious and delectable meals served to our employees were amongst the many reasons why people considered BlueChip as a desirable workplace.
Call Center Services in IndiaBut most importantly, BlueChipis the place to be if you want to climb up to the top rung of the ladder. We are one of the only organizations which lay emphasis essentially on Internal Job Promotions.Here an ordinary Call Center Agent can rise up to the level of a Quality Analyst within one year. All our Quality Supervisors have been former Agents as we do not follow the policy of importing our Managers from outside, but we let the leaders rise from within the grassroots. Every Agent who demonstrates leadership and organization skills is rewarded with suitable promotions. We are also renowned as one of the only Call Centers where the present Chief Operating Officer had initially joined the company just as an Agent.This is why whenever we announce a vacancy at BlueChip, hundreds of candidates turn up. To cherry-pick the best employees from this lot is a task taken care of by our HR team.
They first give every candidate a basic test of English to evaluate their grammar and comprehension. It mostly has multiple choice questions wherein synonyms, antonyms are asked, and sentences have to be completed with words of appropriate tense.The test also has passages to test the comprehension skills.Next test is an auditory test, where we play an audio file of 10 minutes long which has sentences and a blank time for a person to jot down what they just heard. This lets us know whether the candidate can also listen and understand along with speaking English. As many times there are people who can manage to speak American accented English, but cannot understand what is being said when an actual American is speaking. After the scores of these two tests are calculated, only those who qualify the cut-off are called the next day. Then there is a one-on-one interview session with one person from HR team and one Quality Manager of the Call Center Services.Only those who can make it through all these rounds, finally join the BlueChip family.
We congratulate the lucky and talented 65 young and dynamic people into our family. We welcome them and wish them lots of growth and success!

Our Very Own Time Machine at the Bluechip Callcenter

This box fixed on the wall is the custodian clock of our office, fondly called by all Agents as the Time Machine. It is actually a Biometric entrance and attendance system, in which all the employees have to punch in and punch out with their thumbs.Many offices do have a punching system through cards, but cards are often exchanged and there is proxy attendance. But creating a proxy for thumb is definitely next to impossible (until you are James Bond)!
This system is indeed quite foolproof. You have to enter your unique Id number and then place your thumb for scanning. Only if the present impression matches with the pre-recorded thumb imprint, the green signal lights up, the time gets recorded and you have a successful punch-in. If the thumb prints do not match, then neither is your time recorded nor is your log in. This works as a security measure too, ensuring that nobody who isn’t an employee gains entry inside.Just the presence of this machine has meant that everybody reports on time. And naturally as a result, all the work also gets done on time. We have been consistently providing before time delivery to all our clients of the back-office support services. And we have a seamless functioning of our 24×7 Customer Care Call Center as all our Agents of the next shift arrive well in advance to take the charge.The consciousness for time is greatly enhanced by the presence of this Biometric machine. This machine has successfully steered the entire workforce towards better time-management and made us inevitably punctual.And our clients are the ones who benefit maximum from this. One of them, a Senior Operations Manager of a Logistics firm had remarked “I had gotten used to excuses for not meeting the deadline, whenever I outsourced my work off-shore. The deadline extensions would typically stretch to few days. But with Bluechip when I got a delivery before the deadline, I was so pleasantly surprised! I give them full-marks for their superb commitment to the turn-around-time.” A lot other clients are all praises for our punctual services. And this has translated into referrals and a lot more business.They say in the sci-fi stories – a Time Machine has the ability to take you back in time. But our Time Machine has actually taken us forward. We are progressing faster, expanding our staff and provisioning more services. We have achieved the growth and stature which other organizations have taken decades to accomplish. Definitely then our very own Time Machine must be thanked for keeping us ahead of the times, always!

How to Provide Enhanced Customer Experience through Call Center Services

None can deny the importance of having satisfied customers as they are the most important aspect of today’s business setup. The tough competition has also prompted organizations to take customer support services seriously and deliver proper customer experience to them. Organizations tend to hire a call center outsourcing vendor who could take care of their customer care services and deliver an enhanced customer experience to them.

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These service providers are trusted with one of the most important part of the business by their clients. It is required that they provide proper services that can keep the customers of their client’s happy. Mentioned below are some tips that can help them in providing enhanced customer experience through their call center services

Hire The Right People And Train Them Well: Everyone is best suited for a particular type of job and it is your responsibility to find and recruit right people for the job. Further, you need to train them properly for the work that they are best suited for. Develop good hiring strategies that can be effective for your particular requirements.

Keep The Staff Happy And They Will Keep Customers Happy: It has been observed that vendors who keep their internal staff happy and satisfied are able to deliver much better services than those who are not. Keep them happy so that they respect the company for which they work. This will make them put in their best effort while taking calls from customers.

Pay Attention To What Customers & Your Staff Say About You: Getting feedback and acting upon it could be one of the best things for you. Your customers as well as your staff can give all the information and feedback that you need to know. Listen to what they have to say and act upon it in the right manner.

Communicate: Lack of communication could be one of the biggest problems for you. Communication between top management and the front line agents is rarely possible in companies offering BPO services and KPO services. It is the responsibility of the top management to ensure that the front line staff is able to communicate with them on a regular basis. This will be seen as a nice gesture by the staff and would provide valuable information and feedback to the management.

As a call center outsourcing vendor, you need to understand that providing enhanced customer experience to callers is your prime responsibility. You need to do whatever it takes for making this happen. Mould your call center services in such a way that callers experience completely satisfying services from your end.