Should Call Centers Use Scripts or Not?

Scripting has become a very normal thing for call centers and they have become too dependent on them. However, saying that scripts are evil or bad would be wrong. There were no scripts when the first dialers came and the agents had to respond to the callers as soon as they picked up the call and then move forward with the call. It didn’t mattered what type of caller was on the other end, the agents handled each caller without any scripts and they did pretty well then. However, today scripts have made it easier for call centers to deliver quicker and better customer services.Call Center Infographics

The question here should have been how the scripts should be used in call centers. The scripts are actually very useful but only if they are used in the correct manner. Here are some points to shed some more light on this topic.

For Sales Team:
If we take the case of a sales team we would see that it is most important for them to sound confident. Reading from a script could never have that kind of effect in their communication. However, at the same time, agents need to have all the required knowledge in order to sound confident. Having a script could provide them this knowledge but they should not read from it.

Customers Don’t Like When They Know That You Are Reading From A Script:
Every call center should know this that customers don’t really feel comfortable in talking to a person who is just reading from a script. It makes them feel that the person talking to them does not care about them and their problems. It seems that he is just reading from a prepared script and has no genuine interest in the problems of the caller.

Use Scripts For Training And Teaching Purpose:-
Rather than using the scripts at the floor, it is suggested that you provide them proper scripts during the training period. Make them read the script again and again so that they actually learn it. The more they get familiar with the script in the training process the less they will have to refer to it while talking to customers.

Give Them A Bulleted Version Of The Script:-
Instead of providing agents with a script on the floor, it is better to give them a bulleted version of the same. This version would contain all the main points of the script in the form of bullets and provide them all the information in a short and easily accessible format. Further, they would have to fill in the gaps on their own therefore they will have to communicate in a natural form.

The Way You Say IT Matters The Most:-
Even if you are providing a script to your agents on the floor you can train them to sound natural and not as if they are reading from a script. The way you convey yourself to the customers is the thing that actually matters the most. Customers should feel that they are talking to a real person, who is listening to them and cares about their problems. Even if you are not able to help them much with their problems but you talk to them in an unscripted and genuinely caring way, they will accept whatever solution you are providing and would feel satisfied.

Scripting is very useful for call centers but it must be used in the right manner to be effective. The aim for call centers should be to deliver total customer satisfaction and scripting can help with this. So we can conclude that scripting should be mainly used for training purpose and not for on floor agents while interacting with customers.

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