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Why Infrastructure Is an Important Criterion for Selecting Call Center Outsourcing Companies?

Money making is the main purpose of any business. Similarly, the main purpose of outsourcing has always been reducing costs of operation and making money in the process. However, in an attempt to save money, a business owner should never forget the importance of infrastructure in long-term success of an outsourcing venture. Hence, call center outsourcing companies should be visited and their infrastructure should be analyzed before handing over business.Continue reading

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Stay Safe from Phone Frauds by Choosing the Right Call Center

According to a report, one in 3000 calls received by an inbound call center is fraudulent in nature. This may not be a big number in the eyes of a call center company, but from the perspective of a fraud specialist, it is quite a substantial stat. And, when we look at this stat from the viewpoint of a call center dealing in finance domain, it amounts to an average loss of approximately $0.60 to fraud per incoming call. Cumulated over a year, these trickling losses add up to millions of dollars. Quite a bewildering stat!Continue reading

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Call Center Outsourcing Trends that will Dominate 2020

Call center industry is just like living organisms. It continues to evolve for becoming fit for the survival with changing environment. This industry witnesses multiple new trends and technologies which allows it to grow as per changing demand of the market.

Some trends which are expected to be prevalent in 2020 are discussed below.

Voice Biometrics

Usually, the user identity-related verification takes a long time which may frustrate the end-consumers. The voice biometrics will ensure that verification process is done passively thereby saving time of consumers and ensuring fraud prevention. Call center outsourcing firms need not to apply some sophisticated technology to implement voice biometrics.Continue reading

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Quick Checklist for Outsourcing Inbound Call Centers Services

Over the last decade, the number of companies that use a call centre outsourcing vendor has increased considerably. Setting up a multi-channel call centre within a company is a well-known fact that may be costly and time-consuming. It does, however, come with a slew of responsibilities, including employing top staff, investing in technology and infrastructure, and so on.

With so much of work being outsourced to offshore vendors, it has become necessary for organizations to ensure that they are partnering with the right outsourcing vendor. The boom in the outsourcing industry has resulted in a huge rise in the number of call center service providers. Not all these vendors offer high quality services. You might end up outsourcing your services to someone who isn’t able to deliver expected results.

In the Middle of Lockdowns, Inbound Call Centre Services Are Critical

To succeed in the post-COVID-19 era, marketers will have to understand that phone communication must go to the next level. They’ll need to choose with one that’s very scalable, runs on sophisticated automation, has strong security, and cleanly supports human operators. This new technology, which was formerly, regarded a nice-to-have by many firms, is now a must-have. Prior to the pandemic, call centres functioned in a predictable environment, with seasonality playing a large influence in determining the amount of calls received each day. But now the stakes have been increased a notch higher.

It is, on the other hand, significantly easier to choose a trustworthy call centre outsourcing provider and receive the services you want while keeping your business operating smoothly. It’s vital to give your customers the best possible service while also delivering a product that fits their needs. In this article, we’ll go through the process of evaluating your call centre outsourcing provider in detail, as well as the most useful suggestions for hiring the best call centre outsourcing firm.

Things to Look for in Your Outsourcing Vendor

Below is a checklist that you should refer to before outsourcing inbound call centers services.

Years of Existence:

Organizations who have been in the industry from a very long time would have good experience of delivering such solutions. It is always better to choose a vendor who has ten or more years of experience. However, if you choose a vendor having fewer years of experience, it is likely that you might compromise with the quality of solutions. Nothing beats experience when it comes to delivering appropriate customer care services to your customers.

Industry Specific Experience:

Apart from overall industry experience, the vendor should also have some experience of serving clients from your industry domain. Bigger the experience better it is for you. If you are a telecom service provider then choose a vendor who has served clients from telecom industry. However, this factor can be neutralized if the service provider has overall good experience and has the ability to learn new processes and train its agents.

Technology Used:

If possible, you should visit the delivery center from where the services will be provided. Check the equipment and technology that they use for delivering services. In case of call center software and CRM, have a look at some of the prominent software solutions and check with your outsourcing vendor if it uses any one of them. Furthermore, you would have to gain some information in this matter so that you are able to properly evaluate the technologies being used at the contact center.

Quality of Agents:

The customer care agents would be speaking directly to your customers therefore the quality of these agents and their services will be viewed as your quality. Conduct a few agent interviews to check the quality of the agents. Focus on their communication skills; pressure handling skills and the level of customer experience that they can offer. Even after they have passed the initial test, it is best to look at their evaluation reports from time to time.

The Cost:

Perhaps, the most import factor in any business decision is the money factor. Outsourcing inbound call center services to an offshore vendor is highly cost effective but it does not mean that you should go for the vendor who offers minimum rates. You should weight in all the factors and then choose the one that offers best services at reasonable rates.

Hire a liaison manager:

When you offload your operations to a vendor located far and away, you cannot monitor their progress and the quality of work they are delivering. As you cannot be at their premises all the time, it is best to hire a liaison manager who acts as your eyes and years in the distant company.

So next time when you think of outsourcing inbound call center services or any other business process, remember to evaluate your option according to this checklist.

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Call Center Cubicle- The Gold Spot of Every Calling Agent

The life at a call center is very interesting for people who want to make it their long term career. A friendly environment with a professional set-up of ergonomically placed interiors sometimes motivates the customer care executives (CCE) in a better way. Especially, the workstations from where they make calls are so far the most important aspect of interiors.

CCEs spend 90% of their scheduled hours in these cubicles. These cubicles become a secondary home for many of them. Some telemarketing call centers do not allow to customize the cubicles, but a most of them gives the freedom to decorate it as per the wish of the employees. Now, the question comes – Is really essential to decorate your personal cubicle? How does it help you?

The answer is simple. The cubicles may not have a long lasting effect on the working style, but it can certainly develop some inspiration or motivate the CCEs to perform well. The love for a cubicle is like the love for their place or responsibility. A cubicle can beautifully decorate with some motivational posters, some quotes, photographs of some renowned personalities, etc. The cubicles at the phone answering call centers may have a very little space. But if planned accordingly, these places can be a perfect example to define their personality and creativity which in turn can motivate the other employers to a great extent.

Some tips to decorate the cubicle:

Your cubicle can be decorated with some flowers. We all like fresh flowers in a vase. The cubicle can also be utilized for keeping a note book, a pen stand, some statues of Gods, etc. Others prefer to paste their best quotations, sketches, cartoons, collage, etc. Moreover, some CCEs like to keep the cubicle empty but it is much disciplined.

What Can Your Cubicle Highlight?

A well-managed cubicle can be a great source of inspiration for the calling agents who does not prefer a mandatory discipline inside the office premises. They might ignore these small parts of sincerity for a day or two. But on a serious note, if they happen to see it daily, they are bound to change their habit and bring some changes in their behavior too. Discipline is very much essential to show success in the telephone call centers services.

It is just a matter of perspective for many of us. If we keep our workstations well arranged, our love towards our job will certainly be positive and inspirational. Call center outsourcing companies need to concentrate on these small aspects that actually work as the pillars of growth.