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Never Underestimate the Value of Call Management in Call Center Outsourcing

A call center process is dependent on many factors for its success. The proficiency of agents, the motivational ability of managers, the scrupulous fault-finding approach of Quality Analysts and the dedication of trainers are some of the factors responsible for the quality of call center services. However, one aspect that does not get the due consideration it deserves is call management. Even when you have the best talent available, if the call flow is not managed correctly, you will find yourself in big trouble. Nowadays, there are many specialized software solutions that are used for managing calls effectively. The best way to access them is via call center outsourcing.

Why Use Call Center Outsourcing for Call Center Management?

There is an inherent intricacy in call center management, which is not very clear to novices. It requires an eye for detail, experience and wisdom that is accrued over a long time. Most call centers that are run in-house are operated by a staff that hasn’t delivered successful projects already. As a result, call management is not always up to the scratch.

Apart from these limitations, an amateur in-house call center staff also lacks the essential call center software solutions. Most companies are unable to justify the purchase of high-priced software solutions. On the other hand, when you outsource call center services, you are able to access the best software instantly. This allows you to improve call management in the following ways:

Better routing of calls

How the calls are routed in a cell center process has a huge say on the quality of customer experience. Top quality IVR solutions allow you to build custom rules for directing calls to the relevant department. Also, you can configure tier-wise access during escalations and define L1, L2 and L3 level of support as per process requirements.

Call queue management

A prolonged wait in queue can enrage just about any customer. Call queue management feature of the software provides timely notifications and brings in transparency. You are always aware of the number of calls in queue. Also, embedded analytics can further enhance the process and allow you to proactively figure out the volume of call that you will receive during a particular time of the day. As a result, you always stay prepared and manage the calls better.

Self-care, call recording and other features

IVR can also provide self-care options, which allow customers to fix their elementary problems by themselves. Call recordings at every step ensure that there is always a well-maintained record of customer communication.

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