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Crack the Code of Customer Attrition with Niche-Based Outsource Customer Care

Customer attrition is one of the biggest reasons for business debacles. Companies that fail to stop customer turnovers often fail to capitalize on their marketing strategies. When customers are leaving you, it becomes harder to inspire innovation in core processes because a major chunk of your time is spent in stressing about how to win them back. What if you can offload this responsibility to a trusted outsource customer care vendor?

The Reason for Call Center Failures

If you haven’t experienced success through an outsource customer care venture so far, then maybe you haven’t worked with a professional vendor who specializes in your niche. The biggest reason for call center failure – whether it is inbound or outbound call center outsourcing – is an inability of the vendor to deliver specialized services. You don’t need jack of all trades but seasoned experts who know exactly what your process demands.

Why Customer Attrition Happens?

The biggest reason for customer attrition is customer dissatisfaction. When you have agents, who are not sure what they are dealing with, the chances are they will enrage the customers on call. If the customers start having doubts about their competency, they will share it on social media and other online platforms where the info will spread like wildfire.

In today’s time, online forums have elevated in status in terms of their reputation and veracity. People can easily discern a real review from a fake one. So, if your customer service team is below par, your image online will be tarnished. Hence, it is essential that you enhance the quality of customer support when you still have time on your hands.

Reach Out Via More Than One Platform

Phone support is not the only way to provide customers the support they need. There are other methods such as email and social media support that can come in really handy. Outsource email support services and chat support services to maximize your presence in front of the customers. These text-based support mediums are much easier for agents. It is easier to send technical information via a text file than to walk customer through on phone.
The current generation likes precise info delivered via text-based platforms. Therefore, they are more likely to stick with you if have these platforms in place.

Bluechip Call Center is a one-stop shop for every type of text-based and phone support service. We have already managed and executed multiple successful projects from different industries. As a result, we are capable of offering niche-based services to our clients that can improve CSAT and prevent customer attrition.


Nowadays, you need expert call center agents who have decent knowhow of the process they will be undertaking. Customers of today are more informed and are likely to leave your brand if they spot substandard call center services. Use text-based services such as email support and chat support in your outsource customer care project to prevent customer attrition.

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