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Outsource Customer Care to 24/7 Call Center to Make Friends out of Customers

Friendship is a beautiful thing. When you become friends with someone, you start treating them differently. Small mistakes are ignored and big mistakes are corrected, not ridiculed. The day-to-day interactions are done from the heart and not the mind. Come to think of it, everything becomes better with friends.

In the competitive world of today, friendships are a rarity, almost non-existent. But what if I tell you, it is possible to make friends despite all the challenges. It is still possible to inculcate the emotion of friendship in your customers. Friendships can still be created if you outsource customer care to a call center that provides 24/7 support.

Businesses: Past vs. Present

In the past, the scope of businesses was small. A retailer used to have a fixed number of customers. A local technician used to cater to a small locality. Hence, day-to-day interactions were aplenty. Such interactions used to culminate in friendships. There was almost no chance of a customer changing vendors at the slightest drop in quality. Friendships used to mend flailing relationships.

But, nowadays globalization has changed the landscape of businesses. Customers are more informed than ever before. There is a ruthlessness that drives each and every transaction of today. Even businesses have started acknowledging this trend and are focusing on promotions instead of instilling trust in customers. The result: degrading quality of products and dissatisfaction in customers.

Sunshine 24/7 and Outsource Customer Care for Round-The-Clock Support

A great way to reverse the trend of fading customer relations is by employing 24/7 call center services. Below are some reasons why round-the-clock customer support offered by outsource call center companies is the sunshine that can brighten up your business prospects:

  • 24/7 support is proven in the industry

24/7 support is proven beyond doubt in different domains. Be it technical support or customer care, decision makers in               every field acknowledge the value of support service that runs throughout day and night.

  • 24/7 support separates you from your competitors

Not every product seller or service provider utilizes 24/7 support. There are many customers out there that swear by                      round-the-clock support. What this means is that you get more customers liking your service when you use a 24/7                          support. There are other benefits too…

  •  24/7 support helps customers in critical situations

    When it comes to company providing technical services, the time at which the fix is provided is crucial. Just imagine an employee making a last ditch effort – at midnight – to send a crucial email to his boss that can bring in a new project. If the internet connection fails him and there is no 24/7 help available, the inability to send the email will be disastrous for that employee. If he gets reprimanded by his boss or worse, loses his job, there is a good chance that he will switch his ISP (Internet Service Provider).

On the other hand, just imagine how a friend picking up his call at midnight would have made him feel. Would he have thought about changing his service after getting help at the right time?

  •  Enhances overall customer experience and helps you break the tie

    The knowledge of someone being there for you is sometimes more important than the actual use of a 24/7 support service. When you outsource customer care to a round-the-clock call center, you immediately gain the trust of old customers and bring in new customers. If your product is on par with your competitor’s product, then the availability of 24/7 support can be the added incentive for a customer that breaks the tie.

  • 24/7 support brings back the glory days of friendship between customers and companies

    Although globalization has taken the touch of friendliness away from businesses by increasing competition, it has also provided a way to build new ties with customers via 24/7 support. It is a lot more convenient now to offload business to outsource call center companies that charge considerably low price for their services. Most of these companies provide support through day and night.

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In this day and age of receding relationships, 24/7 call center companies may not meet the definition of friendship entirely, but they definitely are the next best thing. Apart from the many direct advantages that it offers, when you outsource customer care to a reputed 24/7 provider of call center services, you immediately know that they have sufficient number of employees to keep your operation going. Not every vendor is capable of maintaining consistency in a 24/7 operations, not unless it has abundance of employees and a strong hiring procedure. So, such an outsourcing venture indirectly makes you select the right vendor for an evolving business operation.


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