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The Best and Worst 2021 Call Center Outsourcing Practices for Customer Care

2021 comes with a lot of hope for businesses that were wrecked due to the pandemic Covid-19. Customers’ trust was diminished due to an inability of many companies to provide fundamental customer care. But as the period of lockdown ends, and business processes start over again, it is time to redeem the image with top-quality call center outsourcing services.

Identifying the Good and Bad of Customer Service

A customer service outsourcing company can do wonders to your business. But it can only be useful, if it follows the correct practices. Below is a list of the best and worst practices:

Best Practices for Customer Care

Respecting Customer

An outsource call center can work wonders for you, if it knows how to treat customers. Being respectful is the most vital quality for call center agents. The best businesses ensure that their agents are always polite and respectful

Showing Empathy

When a customer makes contact, he expects some level of emotional connect. So, if a customer expresses something about his personal life, it is the responsibility of the agent to walk in his shoes by showing empathy.

Building Rapport

Throughout the call, a customer care rep should try to maintain a positive and professional relationship. Asking customer about his experience with product or any relevant detail is a good way to break the ice and make him comfortable over the call.

Confirming Call Resolution

If one issue is resolved, agents should ask if there is something else they can help with. There can be multiple issues a customer might be calling for. It is always best to take confirmation from customers’ if all the issues are resolved.

Worst Practices for Customer Care

Delayed Answering

The reputation of a customer service outsourcing company is based on how fast it answers the call. The agents should not dilly dally when the call arrives, and pick it up at the first ring.

Rude Behavior

Rude behavior is an instant turn off for customers. Irrespective of how the mood is, the agents should be courteous and always smile while taking a call.

Missing Out On Authentication

Every customer is required to clear DPA (Data Protection Act). Call center reps need to be well-trained in DPA and ensure that every customer clears it. Correct authentication prevents customer information from getting compromised.

Long Hold Times

Some agents simply put the call on hold for passing time or some other frivolous reasons. Long hold times can compromise the effectiveness of communication and lead to bad customer experience.


Making the right call in terms of call center outsourcing is very important for business success. There are many characteristics that are considered best and worst. Selecting a call center company that does more right than wrong is a boon for business. While staying polite on call and building rapport are positive traits, long gold times and call abandonment are negative traits.

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