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Understand Millennial Needs Before You Outsource Email Support Services

Email support is a vital part of a company’s customer support platform. It is a text-based support channel that is more relaxed and laid back. When it comes to call center services, most companies give preference to voice-based communication. However, showing absolute neglect for the email support platform is not good for your business. Especially if you have millennials as your customers who are well-versed with email and use it as their preferred medium of communication. As most millennials are in the prime of their life and ruling the market with their wallets, it is important that you keep them in the thought process before you outsource email support services.

Email vs. Chat Support

Voice-based support is still the king amongst the different channels of customer support. It is the clear winner in the race, but it is slowly being caught up with quick text-based Live Chat support services. Most companies are integrating Live Chat in their websites, so that customers can quickly access support without long wait times. But that should never come at the cost of email support services that still have a place in the heart and soul of millennials.

Outsource chat support services works perfectly for quick support. It provides a way to send across media files and documents. For example, you can send an attachment as a proof of purchase. Or, you can record a video of a device malfunctioning.

The ability to deliver digital files is also available on email. However, one advantage that email services have over chat is the amount of data and text that can be sent across. Moreover, it is also possible to keep a track record of emails. You can also sign them personally and ensure the integrity of email.

Access the Best and Most Economical Resources at Call Center Services India

Call center services India provides the best option for outsourcing email support services. The cost-effectiveness comes from the fact that India offers a very lucrative currency exchange rate. It is possible to access a service at nearly half the price, when compared with a similar support platform accessed from a US or UK based vendor.

Email support services do not come with any common outsourcing concerns like unfamiliar accent. Companies like Bluechip Call Center have dedicated resources that excel at email support services. We have the best email response management software that works brilliantly in scenarios where you need to keep a tab on TAT. Our email platform comes with a wide range of features like notifications, canned responses, reporting etc.


Millennials are in their prime and companies need to cater to their needs if they want to keep the revenue flowing. As most people from that era prefer emails for communication, you should use quality outsource email support services. Emails offer more room for expression and also allow for the sending and receiving of digital documents.

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