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Do More Than Just Solve Queries with Right Customer Service Outsourcing

More often than not, a customer service agent is happy if he is able to solve a customer’s query on the first call. Regardless of how the call went or how the rapport was, most agents feel proud if they are somehow able to finish the call with a roundabout resolution to the customer issue.

According to a report by the International Customer Management Institute, only 60% of calls receive a resolution in the first attempt, which means almost half of the customers are left disappointed. Looking at this stat, a company running a call center may think about enhancing FCR (first call resolution) and make it its top priority; however, that is not the right approach. Agreed, FCR plays a major role in customer satisfaction, but it is – not by all means – the only key to satisfaction.

FCR vs. Customer Satisfaction: The Top Priority Debate

For a long time, improving FCR has remained the sole purpose of a customer service operation. But nowadays, with increase in competition, the focus has shifted from just solving the issue to enhancing the overall experience of the customer.

Companies have now started realizing that a modern-day customer has too many choices in front of him when it comes to selecting a product or service. It is very much possible that a customer may switch his product vendor at the first hint of being shortchanged in terms of quality of product or customer service. This is a major reason why most in-house operations that focused on simply call resolution are failing. Nowadays, it is a better option to ditch one-dimensional in-house customer service support for a 360-degree customer service experience by recruiting a customer service outsourcing company.

Benefits of Employing an Exceptional Customer Service Outsourcing Company

An exceptional customer service outsourcing company is the one that puts customer satisfaction above everything else when it comes to running a call center operation. Such a company addresses even the most microscopic issues that plague the world of customer services. For example, an adept customer service vendor enforces the hold protocol strictly and encourages its agents to build rapport with customers. There are many clear advantages of associating with a good customer service outsourcing company as mentioned below:

  1. Workforce with the right attitude

    Most agents know how to treat their customers, however they do not do that because of their attitude. But when you partner up with a customer service outsourcing company, you immediately get access to reps that are born, brought up and trained to be remarkable call center agents.

Outsource Customer Care to 24/7 Call Center to Make Friends out of Customers

  1. Access to cutting-edge call center tools

    In this world of technology, staying behind the competition because of lacking tools is almost criminal. While most in-house customer service operations do employ software and tools, but their tools are not always up to the scratch in terms of expediting the resolution. This results in long waiting times, incorrect resolutions, inefficient record keeping and wrong tracking of agents’ KPIs. All this happens because companies shy away from spending huge sums of money on quality call center software that will not be used on core product related tasks. On the other hand, an accomplished call center has to serve many clients with the same software. Hence, it is not bothered about making a big investment in call center tools, which is the main reason why it has access to some of the best call center software and infrastructure.

The above mentioned advantages are two amongst the long list of benefits that customer service outsourcing companies have for your business. By associating with a vendor that actually cares and has access to the right technology, you improve your chances of maintaining a high FCR and most important of all – an even higher customer satisfaction level.

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