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Business Success Mantra: Outsource Back Office for Improved Data Entry

For most CEOs and CFOs, back office work is not on their priority list. It comes as no surprise, given the current state of competition, in which, every key decision maker is busy sprucing up the customer facing aspects of his business.

Out of the many back office processes, data entry is arguably the most business-critical activity that has been neglected over the years by companies. However, with increasing lawsuits against data defaulters, decision makers are realizing their mistakes. And, we are seeing several CFOs pumping large amount of cash in their in-house data entry departments. But, is it the right approach?

Drawbacks of In-House Data Entry Departments

Running a ‘quality’ in-house data entry department is definitely a good initiative. It can serve a business very well only if the quality of the operation can be maintained. However, keeping up the quality of an in-house operation puts so much pressure on an entrepreneur that it starts impacting the other aspects of a business.

Some of its most common drawbacks are:

  1. Lack of quality tools

    Quality of a data entry operation goes hand-in-hand with the quality of the software used. It is very difficult for a CFO to arrange funds for all business-critical data entry tools for Intelligent Character Recognition (ICR) and Optical Character Recognition (OCR). After all, these software solutions will only be used for a small portion of a company’s work and investing heavily doesn’t make good business sense, especially when there may also arise a need to upgrade them timely. In contrast, for an outsourcing company, these tools are the main source of earning their bread and butter. A good outsourcing vendor will always have the best available data entry software handy.

  2. QA 

    Quality assurance is an integral part of a data entry operation. Reputed outsourcing vendors like Bluechip Call Center check their agents based on critical parameters like typing speed and data accuracy. Moreover, they also calibrate the work performed by agents to make sure that the quality is not compromised at any instance. For an in-house process, it is hard to run a QA department that is on par with an expert outsourcing vendor. Unless you are willing to spend exorbitant sums of money on your QA, don’t even think about running an in-house data entry department.

  3. Overloading problems

    When the amount of work that needs to be performed by an in-house department increases, it becomes very difficult for them to hire new employees at a moment’s instance. This leads to an increase in work for the limited workforce, which in turn leads to work overload. And we all know work overload, sooner or later, leads to mistakes. On the other hand, specialist back office support outsourcing India like Bluechip has access to abundant workforce. Moreover, the HR department here is well-equipped and experienced in hiring call center employees for back office work like data entry.



As clearly seen from the information above, in-house operations are not ideal for performing data entry work. Unless you have unlimited funds at your disposal, it would be a business suicide to consider in-house data entry. On the other hand, back office support outsourcing India has great potential for your business. Companies like Bluechip call center have already had long and successful associations with clients from across the globe and have performed tremendously. Definitely a worthwhile option for any business!


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