Improve Customer Relations with Inbound Call Center Outsourcing India

Have you ever thought that your in-house call center can do better? Are you unsure about meeting new requirements posed by your business growth? If answer to any of the two questions is ‘yes’, then it is time for you to stop thinking and employ inbound call center outsourcing India.

Clear Inhibitions before Outsourcing

If you haven’t outsourced before, then it is only natural for you to have reservations about such a venture. Going in half-hearted is not the right way to approach outsourcing. You should clarify your doubts first before you partner with a vendor. India is one of the top providers of call center services and serves as a viable option for most business setups across the globe. Have a look at some facts about outsourcing to India:

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    • Nearly 5 million students complete their education every year in India. A large number of these students are good in speaking English.
    • India has been one of the torchbearers of IT evolution. There are many well-established inbound call center outsourcing companies in India with world-class infrastructure capabilities.
    • India is a peace loving country and the democratic government here is quite strong. There is no political instability, which means you do not have to worry about abrupt closure of your services. Especially the NCR region where most call centers are located is safe and secure for a call center operation. Also, there is no risk of natural calamities like hurricanes, earthquakes and storms. All in all, when compared with other developing countries, India is probably your safest best for outsourcing.
    • People in India are warm and hospitable. This also reflects in their behavior on calls. The inherent nature of respecting others is a fundamental requirement of any call center operation.
    • Despite its wealth of quality call center talent, inbound call centre outsourcing companies in India offer their services at a considerably low price when compared with developed nations. A company operating in the US can expect to cut its cost of operation by up to 2-3 times after outsourcing their work to India.

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Leverage Indian Call Center Talent by Outsourcing to Experienced Vendors

India has a lot of call center talent and the perfect environment for running a successful call center operation. However, there is still a need to manage the resources well to derive maximum benefits. Therefore, you should always partner with a veteran in the industry to derive the best results. Below are some attributes that you should always look for in your vendor for improving customer relations and guaranteeing success:

1. Call center software and networking solutions

No matter how good the talent is, if it is not backed by state-of-the-art call center software solutions, then it won’t produce the desired results. A high-quality CRM and dependable Cisco-IP network are quintessential for any call center operation. Also, you should ensure that the CRM comes embedded with analytics, so you can derive maximum insights from customers’ behavior. These insights can be put to good use while creating marketing strategies.

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2. Good hiring procedure and training capabilities

Although there is an abundance of call center talent in India, your partner should be able to pick and choose only the best talent that is available. Also, it needs to have good training capabilities, so it can train the workforce effectively. If possible, it won’t be a bad idea for you to interview trainers and oversee a training session to check the quality.

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3. Adheres to SLA

Service Level Agreement (SLA) is of the utmost importance in a call center operation. Stats like call abandonment rate, call waiting time, FCR, CSAT etc. are vital for maintaining the operational output that you will get from an inbound call center outsourcing company. Only when the SLA is met, only then the work is believed to be completed as per the expectations of the client. Anything less, and the vendor has to answer for that. However, many companies do not stick to the SLA and cause huge problems in your customer-facing operations. First of all, the integrity of the whole process goes for a toss, and the customer does not know what to expect. Hence, your brand reputation is hampered. So, make sure that the vendor you have selected has a track record of adhering to the SLA, and handling calls exactly as per client requirement. Most of the inbound call center outsourcing India companies are very serious about SLA. Bluechip Call Center is covered in this domain for its ability to manage SLA to the letter.

4. Look for quality managers

Call centers frequently see new employees coming in and old employees moving elsewhere. Mostly, agents are the ones who jump ship at the first glimpse of a better offer. So, it is very hard for you to get sustained quality from your call center outsourcing if you bet on the available call-handling talent. On the other hand, you can get much better results if you invest in the management i.e. 2nd and 3rd tier employees. Team leaders, managers, QAs and trainers are the hearts and souls of a call center operation. Before selecting a vendor, have a look at the experience of the management. If you find that the management is stable and talented, you should select that vendor as your outsourcing partner. Go through social media platforms, check their online profiles and interview them personally if possible. At Bluechip call center, we are blessed with some of the most talented managers who have already guided many projects towards success.

5. Scalability

The value of an inbound call center outsourcing venture is in its longevity. And, you are only promised longevity if the vendor is capable of meeting your present and future requirements. In India, there is no dearth of talent and you can recruit a vendor like Bluechip Call Center for staying futureproof. No matter who you select as your call center outsourcing vendor, make sure that you prioritize scalability over other virtues.

6. Versatility

Call center processes can be different in nature. Primarily, they are categorized into inbound and outbound call centers. However, there are different specialties that require different talent and mindset. For example, a telemarketing agent needs to be persuasive whereas a tech support agent needs to be very logical in his approach. So, if you are planning to outsource call center for more than one task – in the present or in the future – you should make sure that the vendor is capable of handling every responsibility. A single-point outsourcing venture where you get all the services from one partner is much more fruitful than outsourcing to different vendors. With Bluechip call center as your partner, you get a range of services at a single outsourcing destination, which makes the task of managing call center work simple.

Bluechip Call Center prides itself in its high-quality call center services and is prepared to meet your expectations. We are a 24×7 inbound call center outsourcing India company with long-term experience in the industry. Apart from inbound and outbound call center services, we also offer email support, Live Chat and a range of back office support services for businesses.

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