How to Cure Team Failure in a Phone Answering Service Center

The performance level of a team is matter of great concern for many business establishments. Especially, when it comes to a call center industry then the service level of a team will completely depend upon their style of working. The performance of a team in the telemarketing services industry can face a great challenge to meet the deadlines and thus there is a probability to show poor effort while meeting the company demands. Let us discuss some of the symptoms that determine the poor output of a team in a call answering industry

Best Call Center Practices

It is the duty of the management to recruit a team of human resource team that has the ability to recruit the best candidates for the business outsourcing process. If they do not understand the processes then they won’t be able to fix the proper people into the best operations. If the right candidate is hired for a team then the co-ordination will be perfect and that will definitely lead to the success of a great team.

After the hiring process, it is important that the individuals are sent to a team where they can perfectly excel of their own. There would be candidates which come from various academic backgrounds. They should be sent to a business process where they want to work. This will allow them to show better efforts and enhance the Phone Answering Service Company’s profit bar to a greater level.

Bluechip Call Center has a team of experts that can easily recognize the intellectuality of the candidates and how their talent can be cultivated. There would be numerous candidates who just come to a BPO industry to spend a little time or simply saying ‘Time Pass’. Never allow these candidates to go for a complex process. For them the customer care services process is the best.

Common Problems Plaguing Phone Answering Services and How to Fix Them

The fresh candidate needs to be specially trained with a series of training practices that will not only help them to develop better communication skills but also to develop their interest in the new industry. If they are sent to a team that does not provide them practical assistance then the individuals will tend to carry their work in their own way.

This can be dangerous as an inappropriate communication can mislay the client’s rapport. Therefore, it is appreciated if there is a perfect relation among the management, team leaders, trainers and the candidates. A transparent policy will minimize the discrepancies and force the team to raise a level excitement and dedication in the company success.

Common Team-Related Errors in Phone Answering Services

Phone answering services can be quite challenging for a call center. Mostly, outsourced call answering services are utilized for fulfilling urgent requirements e.g. after a promotional campaign or during a festive season. When there are not enough agents or employees, companies often outsource to access the services of a vendor. However, due to the scale of operation, there are many team-related errors that impact the quality of the whole process:

Hastiness shown on the call due to lack of staff

Call answering services require a scalable workforce i.e. one should be able to increase or decrease the workforce as per the changing requirements. Without enough numbers, you risk the whole team to fall apart. When the number of calls arriving are more than what can be handled, managers often instruct agents to complete calls fast. This results in bad call management. For example, agents try their hardest to get rid of difficult customers and start sounding impolite. Or, they are unable to finish the calls and call abandonment rate rises. Both these situations are not ideal. So, you should look for a vendor that can offer the desired scalability. Bluechip Call Center is a call answering services provider in India that has a perennial supply of call center talent, and can handle any number of calls without breaking a sweat.

Poor implementation of escalation protocol

One of the worst team practices that impacts customer trust is bad implementation of escalation protocol. Unprofessional agents often try to cut corners and do not transfer the call because of one reason or another. Some believe that the customers will complaint about them and others just want to improve their KPIs. In a large-scale operation, such practices are common place, especially when the vendor is not very disciplined. It is a well-known fact that customers often want their calls to be escalated and it is your responsibility to do the needful. At Bluechip Call Center, we have an escalation team that is always available to the customers. The specialists in this team are well aware of customer requirements and try to solve their issues diligently.

Exploitation of hold and mute

Undisciplined agents often indulge in banter and put customers on hold or mute depending upon their convenience. Such practices cause customers to lose their faith in your services. If agents are allowed to do such things, then your call center AHT will increase and many customers won’t be able to reach support. At Bluechip Call Center, we have designated Quality Analysts (QAs) who listen to the calls from time to time and check on the agents. If such practices are discovered, the concerned agents are warned and even terminated. We maintain decorum in our call center support and ensure that the whole call answering services outsourced by you works exactly as per your expectations.

Unchecked call center malpractices due to inefficient management

In most cases, call center agents gain experience and become managers in the same process. So, it is very important that you only promote those agents to the manager designation who have the credential and attitude to manage the whole process. At Bluechip Call Center, we have a strict procedure for management positions like TLs and floor managers. We only select the best of the best, so that every SLA is maintained and the team works correctly.

Due to its unflinching approach towards quality, Bluechip Call Center has remained a leader in this domain, serving many clients from the US and around the globe.

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